looking after you

I don’t think you can care about mindful living, sustainability and ethical practices and not have a thought for your customers, don’t you agree?

how long will my order take to get to me?

Each listing specifies the turnaround times for an item. Some O+W pieces are made from scratch so they may take a little longer than others. 

Once shipped, delivery times will depend on your choice of shipping carrier. Of course any delay in delivery is outside my control once orders are shipped so for busier periods like Christmas I really recommend placing an order well in advance.

O+W clothing and prints are shipped directly from our printing partners, who are based in the UK. Please allow up to 5 business days for your purchase to be shipped to you, after which delivery times will depend on your choice of carrier.  

I ordered multiple items, will they be shipped together?

Whenever possible, yes. In some cases this will not be feasible due to size and I will try to let you know in advance. Clothing and prints are always shipped from our printing partners.

can I recycle your packaging?

Yes, I do my best to ensure all O+W packaging is recyclable.

I'm buying a gift for someone, can it be sent directly to them?

Of course! Just add the recipient's address in the shipping address section. I don't include payment information with any of my orders. 

the packaging for clothing and prints looks different from that for jewellery. Why?

All clothing and prints are shipped directly from my our printing partners. They carry some O+W branding but there will be small discrepancies. However, rest assured their packaging is also recyclable!

my order arrived damaged or with parts missing, what should I do? 

Drop me an email at oakandwhistle@gmail.com so we can investigate and resolve. 

I've changed my mind and would like to cancel an order, what should I do?

Contact me as soon as possible. If I haven't started working on an order we may be able to cancel and refund. 

I am allergic to some metals, is there anything for me? 

Get in touch at oakandwhistle@gmail.com and we can explore some alternatives together. 

I love one of the shirt designs but I'd like it on a different model, is that possible?

Drop me a line at oakandwhistle@gmail.com and let's create something you'll really love!