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Mixing metals can leave you feeling uncoordinated and awkward but if done right it can actually liberate your everyday style.

There are some simple, easy tricks to making it work for you:

wear one bridging piece

layering necklaces

An item that brings your metals together will instantly make your mixed metal look effortless.

But this doesn’t necessarily have to be a piece in gold and silver. It can be a watch with a silver face and a camel-coloured strap that will act as a bridge to gold or brass pieces. 

Gemstones with colours evocative of metals can be great for this. For me, this golden-hued citrine stone in a silver setting is a mainstay of my metal-mixed layered look: its warm tones instantly bring the gold pieces into the fold.

keep it simple

Mixing metals looks much more carefree and natural when it’s done through minimal pieces.

A statement, opulent necklace in one metal can overpower all other pieces and set the tone, but smaller items work together in harmony.

Shapes and themes should be kept similar. Don't try to mix elaborately detailed hearts and flowers with stark minimalist geometric shapes.

 layer it, stack it

A natural follow-on from the last trick is to layer your minimal pieces. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are perfect for layering in different metals or textures.

Layering necklaces is also super easy if you use a special clasp that will keep your chains untangled and sitting just right. Secure your chains starting with the longest at the top to the shortest at the bottom of the clasp. For extra ease you can leave your necklaces on the clasp and cut out lots of time each day fastening and unfastening.

ignore the hardware

Don’t try to take into account things like zips, bag buckles and even engagement and wedding rings when you think about getting your metal mix right.

These things don’t tend to be the focal point of your look so not worrying about them can be an easy win.

 over to you

Are you a firm fan of metal mixing or are you just now willing to give it a go?

Tag me in your pictures if you have tips to share or found this post helpful to take the leap!

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